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Primacoustic Dragon

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Primacoustic Acoustic Lanterns is a series of innovative ceiling baffles designed for hotel lobbies, restaurants and other architecturally demanding environments where acoustic control must integrate with the surroundings to add flair while improving room intelligibility.

There are four models to choose from, each with a distinctive shape reminiscent of cultural elements used in interior design around the world. Each Lantern is 24″ (600 mm) long and averages 8″ (200 mm) wide for a total surface area. This delivers exceptional absorption throughout the voice range while extending the low-frequency performance for a more balanced sounding room.

As with all Broadway panels, construction begins with high density 6 lb per cubic foot (96 kg/m³) glass wool for maximum absorption. These are encapsulated with micromesh and edges are resin treated to retain the shape and safely prevent the minute glass fibers from escaping during handling. The panel is wrapped in a resilient polyester yarn that is easy to clean and will look great for years. To ensure safe use anywhere, Broadway panels are ASTM E 84 tested to meet the stringent Class-A/1 designation for fire and smoke development.

Ideally suited for rooms with higher ceilings, the Lanterns are generally suspended in clusters. One can incorporate a series of identical shapes or a collection of different models to create unique ceiling-scapes that will surely captivate and visually excite, while quietly reducing excessive reverberation.

  • Combine acoustic control with architectural flare
  • Suspend and cluster in high ceiling areas
  • Large surface area for maximum absorption
  • Extra deep for low-frequency attenuation
Dimensions (H x Dia) 24″ (610 mm) x 9″ (229 mm)
Weight 4.1 lbs (1.9 kg)




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